Pool Tables for Sale

Brunswick Anniversary


The Brunswick Anniversary pool table is arguably one of the finest pool tables in history. Designed by Donald Deskey, who also designed the interior of Radio City Music Hall, The Anniversary was manufactured to commemorate 100 years of Brunswick. 

Brunswick Centennial


The Brunswick Centennial pool tables are the sister to the Anniversary. The Centennial features polished aluminum skirts and Rosewood rails, and is one of my personal favorite pool tables for sale.

Brunswick Gold Crown I


The Brunswick Gold Crown followed the Anniversary and Centennial pool table as Brunswick’s commercial grade offering in the early 1960’s.

Brunswick Gold Crown III Tournament


The Gold Crown is Brunswick’s premiere commercial grade table.  We can customize any table for your needs.

Brunswick Gold Crown III Mahogany


The Gold Crown is Brunswick’s premiere commercial grade table.   The Gold Crown has a massive frame, 1″ wood-backed slate, Rosewood look Formica rails, hardwood side skirts, metal pocket castings, screw in drop pockets, Brunswick SuperSpeed rubber

Brunswick Sterling


1920's Brunswick Sterling in all steel construction. This table has been powder coated in gloss black, has Walnut rails, and 1 1/2" slate.

Brunswick Paramount


The Brunswick Paramount is another of Donald Deskey's designs. It features bleached Mahogany body, Rosewood rails, and copper accents.

Brunswick Commander


The Commander features Rosewood rails, Bleached Mahogany body, unique pocket shields, automatic ball return, and some of the most interesting styling that you will ever see!

Connelly Prescott


Solid Maple, 1" slate,  4 rail bolts per rail, Queen Anne  legs, and leather pockets, make this table play as good as it looks. Includes balls, cues, rack, and choice of new cloth. Available in 8 foot.

AMF Hanover


AMF Hanover pool table in a classy, black finish. 3/4" slate, drop pockets, new cloth, and accessories are included. All of our tables include installation

Olhausen Monarch



This is one of Olhausen's commercial grade offerings in the Pro 8' size.. The Monarch features solid Oak rails, legs, and skirts. It also has 1" wood backed slate, ball return, and Olhausen's famous "Accufast" cushions.



8' Olhausen. Solid Oak with their traditional oak stain.  This table features 7/8" slate, new cushions, leather drop pockets, and comes with a new cloth in any color the buyer chooses.  



8' Mahogany Sterling pool table. This table features a solid wood body, solid wood rails, 1" slate, leather pockets, new cushions, and comes with any color cloth the buyer chooses.


Connelly 8’ pool table finished in beautiful, black lacquer. This table features 1” slate.


Connelly 8’ pool table finished in beautiful, black lacquer. This table features 1” slate, leather drop pockets, and Connelly’s Rapid Rail system which has four rail bolts per rail. These tables play extremely well. Buyer will get the table, balls, cues, and delivery and installation.